Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Journey Here...Copenhagen to Ronneby

In order to get to Sweden from Denmark, the usual method is to cross the Öresund. So, getting on the train at Tårnby, I went back past the Kastrup station at the airport, and then across the large bridge between the two countries. This particular train terminated at Malmö, however every second one continued on to Kristianstad. Because of this, I had a 1.5 hour wait at Malmö station. I decided it was a good opportunity to take some photos, and I went for a stroll around the city. Being a Sunday morning, there was not much that was open.

The first two photos are of the train station just behind the canal, and a bridge over the canal.

Next is a fountain and a statue surrounded by Swedish flags.

Walking further south, I came to a kind of pedestrian shopping mall. The most interesting thing here was this set of artworks which was a marching band sculpture. Here is the entire creation as well as a close-up of the trumpeter.

As seems to be the norm in cities I visit, it was not long before I found the cemetery. The graves here were all quite old, and there did not seem to be many of them - there was lots and lots of space to walk around...maybe the mortality rate is negligible in Malmö?...anyway, most of the graves were 'family graves', where, you guessed it, you could have eternal fun for the whole family! Here are two views of the park-like ambience.

I also managed to photograph this family of birdlife. The canal system from in front of the railway station continues along the west side of the cemetery.

As I headed back to the train station, I noticed something coincidentally amusing - a coffee shop named Wayne's Coffee.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop in for a coffee. I had to get back to the station. The next train journey went from Malmö to Kristianstad. There are a lot of forests and fields as you pass through the Skåne region. Last time I was here, the trains ran all the way through to Karlskrona. However, they are currently doing something with the train lines, so the rest of the way had to be travelled by bus. Without my luggage, there was fortunately not much I had to transport from the train to the bus. The temperature was a pleasant 24 degrees. I arrived at the Ronneby bus stop at approximately 2:05pm and G and A were waiting for me. This was almost 54 hours after I had arrived at Perth airport, and only 24 hours later than my envisaged arrival time.