Monday, July 24, 2006


During my second week here, G, A and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean Två: Död Mans Kista. From what I have learnt so far, the k in Swedish behaves a little like the c in Italian, so that the start of kista sounds more like the start of chest, and less like the start of keyster. Anyway, back to the movie. We saw it at the one-screen cinema in the eastern part of the town centre - Centrumbiografen They show one film per week, and only one or two screenings per day. The seats were very comfortable and had plenty of leg room, as there were not many rows of seats. We sat near the front and took full advantage of the 3 or so speakers situated under the rather tiny screen. The movie itself was quite good, especially the make-up/special effects.

The following day I opened my Swedish bank account - no, that's completely different to a Swiss bank account. So hopefully one day I can actually get paid. This is good, because my scholarship runs out in 3 weeks!

On the Saturday night of my second week here, I went to B's licentiate party, which was a BBQ powered by garlic and chilli next to the river. In Sweden, a licentiate is sort of like a half-PhD, and is a qualification in itself. It was a really great Summer evening (except it was rather cold on the walk home), and B's father even set off a couple of amateur fireworks. A photo from the evening is below. In it, you can see Jö at the food table, while E is chatting in the background.