Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nästa är Ronneby Blåsorkester

One day at BTH I picked up an events calendar of things that are happening in Ronneby in the second half of 2006. One item that caught my eye was a performance in the town square by Ronneby Blåsorkester, which I'm translating as wind orchestra. So the day after the circus, I headed into the centrum to see if I could see them.
When I arrived a couple of minutes after the scheduled start time, I could see the square was full of people and things going on. I looked around and saw a stage. There was someone playing a cello and someone else playing an accordion. I could neither see nor hear any other music. I remember thinking "this is their orchestra?" I was very unimpressed. So unimpressed that I just wandered around the square for about ten minutes trying to think what to do. It appeared that I had come all the way into the town to hear a mediocre cello and accordion duet.
While cogitating thusly, I began to hear the sound of march music approaching. My spirits lifted and I almost ran down towards Strandgatan. I saw a marching band and realised the duet on the stage was a completely separate thing. I raced along Karlskronavägen with camera in hand to try to beat them to the next street. I got there just as they were turning the corner. Here they are in their snazzy uniforms. And here are the tail-enders. Look everyone! THREE sousaphones!
Once the march had finished, they stopped in the pedestrian mall for a stand-up "whoopdy-do" concert. I didn't recognise any of the marches they played, but they sounded very technical, with a lot of "icing". They have a female drum major, and the signals she gives are very elaborate. In addition, they have two flagbearers whose only job is to stand out the front and hold the flags of Ronneby and Sweden. You can see them in this photo.
Here are some of the members. You can see the bell lyra even has Swedish and Ronneby Kommun coloured tassels!

If you'd like more information on them, see but I warn you that it is in Swedish.