Monday, August 28, 2006

Rome Part II - Nei dintorni del Colosseo

Here are some more photos related to the Colosseum, posted in an separate entry because Blogger wouldn't let me put them all in the same post. The first one was taken while I was waiting in line outside. It is the Arch of Constantine.
Here is a view of the Roman Forum area from one of the balconies of the Colosseum.
The Colosseum apparently has exhibitions from time to time. The one that was showing while I was there was called 'Musa Pensosa', or the thoughtful muse. It was mainly a collection of statues. Below is a photo taken in the entry corridor, advertising the exhibit that was upstairs. I don't have any photos of the stairs, but they were quite steep.
Here is one of the statues in the display, one that was in good condition. It is of the muse Urania.
Here is a mosaic in the exhibition. Presumably it shows some of the gladiators in the morning games, up against a large animal. The humans vs animals games were mainly for the younger gladiators and were held i the mornings. The human vs human battles were held in the afternoons.

In the equivalent of the photo opportunities with cartoon characters available at Movie World, here is the Colosseum's answer to more money-making - get a picture of yourself with some Roman soldiers. I didn't partake myself, but here's someone who did.