Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ronn-e-by and I-vo-ry Ride Together in Perfect Hamn-o-ny

The weather so far here in Ronneby has had a different feature each month. July was hot. August was wet. September was fine and October has been particularly autumnal - cold and cloudy. The colours of foliage here at the moment are really quite pretty. You'll see it in later entries. But anyway, back to the rainy month of August, as that's where I left off. Here is a view out from the balcony of the apartment taken on a rainy weekend in August.It was one of G's last weekends in Ronneby and he hadn't been to the hamn in a while. So, while there was a break in the weather that Jenny Morris was not singing about, we grabbed the bikes and headed south along Risatorpsvägen. There are quite a few farms in this area, and one of them had some sheep right near the road. A lot of the sheep here are black. I'm not used to this. Below is a picture of a group of them.
Eventually we made it to the suburb of Ekenäs, where the beach is. It was a completely different atmosphere this time though, the beach was deserted. Whilst there, we managed to get close enough to this duck to take its photo. G named it 'rugby duck' because its neck was that short that it resembled a rugby player.
A lot of houses have flagpoles in Sweden, but not many of them are on the roof. Here is one of them. Must be hard to change flags...but then again there is not much need to, as almost every flag I have seen here has been the familiar blue with yellow cross.
The following two pictures were tahen at the jetties where one can take a ferry across to the island of Karön. Apparently it is really nice in Summer...well, days in Summer when it's not this blustery.
As you can see, there are a moderate amount of boats at the jetties, and Karön is in the background.
Here are some of the signs which are used to mark the entry and exit points of major towns. I'm trying to collect photos of as many as I can. The two below are situated on Reddvägen, which is the street on the western bank of the Ronnebyån. One marks the entry of the harbour area, heading south, and the other signifies the start of Ronneby proper, heading north, at the suburb of Rönninge.