Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flower Power

Another impressive thing about Ronneby is its flower displays. In my opinion, the best one is at a place called F.d. Tingshus, according to my map. There's a large red building with a grassed area in front of it, a place to sit, a small pond with a statue in it, and this huge work of art made of plants and flowers. A photo is below.
The purpose of the display is to advertise Multicultural Year 2006.

The following two photographs were taken closer to the display. I wanted you to see the detail and amount of work that has gone into creating this. It's really quite brilliant. Each individual plant is a pixel.

Another eye-catching display of flowers can be found at the Stadshus, or City Hall, which is just near Maxi supermarket. The display is of a red heart, presumably chosen because Ronneby's catch phrase is 'the heart of the garden of Sweden'. Unfortunately, the display was that large and flat that I could not gain enough altitude to get a good picture of it, however here is my best attempt.

This final picture is of the pond in front of Stadshus, with its model boats and additional flower displays.