Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Peek at Peking

A few days before the circus, G invited a few of us out to dinner in Karlskrona. It was my first time eating at a restaurant in Karlskrona (actually I'm trying to think if I had even eaten at a restaurant in Ronneby at that stage...) this trip. The place we went to is called the Nya Peking, located on Östra Vittusgatan. It wasn't too shabby. I think the thing that surprised me most was the set of poker machines just inside the entrance. The meal everyone seems to like here is "Tre små rätter" or sometimes you can order "Fyra små rätter" (3 or 4 small dishes). You can see G with his three in this photo, along with U and A, as usual taking a photo of someone. IMHO, G is doing the best impression I've seen of the sarcastic emoticon ^o)
Here is a photo of M with some isvatten and some of the gambling machines in the background.
As further note on gambling, I was surprised at a recent trip to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (a pub) to see a person working at a casino table - some sort of card game. I'm not really used to seeing that either, but I suppose given that they have computerised gambling machines, there's not much of a leap to employing someone in that same capacity.
I must add that MS was there at the Nya Peking too but he was pulling a face as he didn't want his photo taken, so to honour that, I'm not posting said photo.
Here's the yummy dish that I had - biff med ananas.
And finally, here is a photo of Karlskrona's Rådhuset (town hall) taken on a late summer evening as we were leaving. It was actually getting fairly dark by 21:25. By contrast, at time of writing two months later, sunset is at 16:27.