Sunday, October 29, 2006

Swoon at Härstorpssjön

I really was busy that weekend in August. I managed to fit in a trip to the local lake, Härstorpssjön, and locate another of the boundaries of Ronneby. Firstly, here are some sheep on a farm on Vierydsvägen.
Vierydsvägen is great to ride on, because there is a wide cycle path next to the road, and it's right next to farms with very green grass and some animals. Part of the way along is this "You are now leaving Ronneby" sign.

And now some images of Härstorpssjön itself. It's right near the apartment block. You just head down a very steep path and you're there. Here's a photo taken from near the bottom of that path.

And here is one taken right near the bank of the lake.

Finally, here is a panorama taken from up at the apartments. Sorry it's not the best quality.