Friday, March 02, 2007

Goat-burg Part Three: Liseberg

To begin with, here are a final few shots taken from within Universeum but of views outside. Firstly, here is a tram making its way along Södra Vägen. Behind the buildings a little way lies Chalmers Tekniska Högskola. Here are a couple of skyscrapers, Göteborg-style. There's a Christmas tree at the base.
I still had a small amount of time before I had to get back to the hotel to pick up my luggage. So, I thought I'd have a quick look around the main streets. Heading north on Skånegatan and then turning right onto Valhallagatan, there is a park/bush area on the left. I walked through it for a while and discovered that through the fence one could see across Mölndalsån (the river) to an old church. Here it is.
I had also wanted to see Liseberg, the amusement park, but that would only look better the darker the sky became. So I headed back south slowly. On the way, I went past the Scandinavium. It's a very big indoor arena, and named quite appropriately, being in Scandinavia and all. Of course, there is now the obligatory McDonalds restaurant there, as you can see from this photo.

Turning left just before reaching the Universeum again, I came to the magnificent entrance of Liseberg. From what I've seen, it sounds a little like Dreamworld, and was apparently the venue for one of the last few dates on The Bachelor: Rome. Liseberg is mainly open during the summer months in the middle of the year, but since 2000 they have also been open for the Christmas season. This is usually at night (not all that hard to do, given when the sun sets) so that the Christmas lights are easily seen. I was going past on the second last day of the season. The sign says that it is open from 3-10pm.
Just beyond that archway, there is a small stream and waterfall with some funky blue lighting.
Beyond that, you have the main entrance area. This is quite a big space, because they have to deal with a lot of people queuing up. Even though it's not quite sunset yet, you can see that they have turned on the lights on this tree.
Here's the main entrance structure. This was as close as I could get, due to the large mass of people waiting to get in - it was about 3pm. The "colours" of Liseberg are apparently green and pink, hence the rabbit logo appears mainly in those two colours. Here's a rough translation of the sign:
Open today 3-10pm
Small stage at 4 and 6pm: Mrs Lise's Wind (or Attic, I'm not sure)
Ice track at 7pm: The Hijacker, Rabbits and Spooky Events
7pm: Dance around the Christmas tree
Welcome along!
I hung around outside (yes, I know, I'm a loiterer) the entrance for as long as I could before I definitely had to return to the hotel. I was waiting, because the darker the sky, the brighter the lights of Liseberg would appear. Here's my best effort of the Christmas tree near the entrance and the tower behind.
Turning to depart, I took this photo of Svenska Mässan, the Swedish exhibition centre, as well as the rectangular prism arrangements of lights on the power poles all the way along Skånegatan.

I travelled along that road heading north, but turned around one to view the lights of Liseberg for one last time. Here you can see both the tower and the pretty lights of the Scandinavium at left.

I continued along between the Gamla and Nya (Old and New) Ullevi sportgrounds, then turned left just before the river. It was then a short walk back to the hotel. Just near Central Station is the Post Office. Here is the magnificent 'tree' of lights in front of it, complete with red lights in the windows.

I was a little upset at the hotel's baggage holding protocol. There were not really any security/identification measures in place. When I left my luggage there in the morning, I just checked out and said I'd like them to hold my luggage until the afternoon. They pointed me in the direction of the door to the holding room. I walked in, left my suitcase and walked out. No tokens, paperwork, staff watching or supervising me, etc. Nothing. Upon my return in the afternoon, all I had to do was say that I would like to pick up my luggage. They said that I should just walk in to the room and take it. No identification required. Basically anyone off the street could have walked in and taken anyone's luggage. Thankfully, my luggage was still there. I grabbed it and headed to the train station. I was about to begin my journey home.