Thursday, February 01, 2007

Time to Partay

On December 2nd, U and M had a party at their house, which is not far from BTH. The party was designed to be an early Christmas party, since they were flying to Australia less than a week later and it would be the last weekend of the year they would be in Ronneby. It was also my half-birthday, another excuse for festivities. Below are a few snaps I took. The night was fairly incident-free, though I did meet someone who had been a Swedish exchange student at my workplace in Australia when I started here four years ago. Small world!
Here are A, MS and MN on the couch. It seems jeans were the order of the evening.

This photo features S, JS and T.
Later in the evening, M, S, T, A and MS turned up the heat on the dancefloor.