Tuesday, February 13, 2007

REaDy to Party

Tuesday 12th December (the night before Lucia) was the time for the department Christmas party. It was organised by four of the new PhD students in the department. It was held at Röda Längan (Long Red House), the same venue as B's party some five months beforehand. There was however no lazy evening between a BBQ and the river. It was too cold and dark for that.
Here is a photo of the Xmas lights on a tree near the volleyball court, just near Röda Längan. It is a little distorted due to the 'night' setting of my camera.
The meal was Thai food. An interesting choice, but quite yummy. I managed to get a photo of the table decorations. Everything was red and green. There were a few of these flowers (sorry I don't remember the name!) which fitted in perfectly.

The evening ended a bit before midnight with some lively discussion from IC about policy differences between Sweden and the USA. Thankfully, some of these were held in English, although many were not and I just had to stare into space until I heard someone speaking English.