Friday, February 02, 2007


The first Sunday in Advent was rather overcast, and I did not feel like cycling great distances. Besides, I needed to buy some food. Therefore, I decided to go into the centrum in the afternoon. There were plenty of people about getting their Xmas shopping done at the stores and markets which were open at a time when for most of the year they would have been closed.
Here is the Christmas tree at the large roundabout near the Stads Hus. Even though it is not completely dark yet, you can see the lights on the tree.

Here comes the Ronneby Skolorkester marching down Strandgatan in their festive hats.
Below is the main Christmas tree in the town square. I had been trying to photograph it on previous evenings, but it did not have its lights on then, and it was simply too dark to see on my camera. The tree is surrounded by some markets specially set up for Christmas shopping. There is a crane in the background, but I'm not sure whether it had anything to do with the Christmas tree or not.
Continuing on, in the northwestern corner of the centrum, just near the river, is Mor Oliviagården. It's a place I had been meaning to have a look at for months, but had never gotten around to visiting. There are some small bushes just to the left of the view in this photo.
Another sight I had not yet managed to see was the flowing waterfall behind Mor Oliviagården. A had told me about it in September I think, on one of the trips to the candy store. However, it was night time and it was not flowing then. Here it is in all its glory as it rushes amongst the buildings towards the bridge on which I am standing to take this photo.

And finally, here are the Christmas lights of Ronneby. Note in particular the heart-shaped light decorations, fitting in with the heart logo of Ronneby. IMHO these were prettier than Karlskrona's effort. Another feature to note, which is semi-difficult to discern in this photo, is the trail of tiny candles burning on the sides of all the main roads. Even though it was cold and dark, the lights made it feel a bit cosier.