Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What the fog is up with this weather?

November 28th 2006 would have to be, without doubt, THE foggiest day I have ever experienced. Previous posts about the fog pale in comparison to that Tuesday. I knew things were going to be bad weather-wise from the time I got up. Here's the view from my bedroom window, taken around dawn. Visibility was indeed minimal.
After managing to cycle in to BTH without being hit by anything that had been hiding in the dense fog, here is the view that greeted me from my office window. The bare trees on the hill that had been a constant reminder of the impending arrival of winter could now not be seen. They had been blanketed. Here is another view, this time from the window of the lunch room. And no, those odd circular lights in grid formation in the sky are not flying saucers. They are simply a reflection of the lights on the ceiling of the lunch room. This is the view from the western end of the kitchen, towards the river. Again please excuse the unwanted reflections. But it certainly is a very grey day.
Here is a better view...well at least one with less reflections, the amount you can see of the outside is probably about the same. The trees bordering the river are almost completely lost in the fog.