Friday, November 03, 2006

Saxemara, Saxemara, hey! Saxemara for you...

The above title, in case you can't place it, is adapted from a childhood memory of mine about a Looney Tunes cartoon where one character (Bugs Bunny dressed up as a chef I think) goes around shouting "Hot tamale, hot tamale, hey! Hot tamale for you".
Well, this is the first of my entries about my regular Sunday afternoon cycling trips to a nearby town. I have made eight of these trips at time of writing. I'm not sure if I will get to do any more of these, since the weather has become so cold now. But anyway, on with the show...
Saxemara is a small coastal town located about six kilometres southeast of Ronneby. The most direct route to get there is by taking Vierydsvägen. This is another view of Vierydsvägen. You can see the cylinders of plastic-covered hay on the farms which border this long and fairly straight road.

This photo was taken near the T-junction at Risanäs, about two thirds of the way to Saxemara. It was a lovely late Summer's day. Well, here is another of those signs marking the boundary of a town. Approximately two kilometres after the T-junction at a curve in the road you reach this sign marking the eastern edge of Saxemara.

As always, one of the easiest buildings to identify in a small town is the church. And it seems that many of the towns here have the same design of church. They are almost always white.

This is one of the boating jetties. The water here leads out to the Östersjön.

Right near the jetty is a shed-like building with this poster on it. It describes the areas in which birds are protected.

A lot of the houses in Saxemara have a similar design. Here is one which is typical. In my opinion, they are slightly more posh than the houses in Ronneby, so it seems like Saxemara is a bit of a hide-away for those who are a bit richer. Towards the very western edge of Saxemara, there is a house with this charming windmill and carved wooden figures. The label on the windmill reads "Håkansson", probably the surname of the family living there.

Having reached the western edge of the town, I turned around and cycled back through the town. On the way out, I passed the "You are now leaving Saxemara" sign.

It would be a bit boring to just go home along Vierydsvägen again. So at the T-junction, I went in the third direction, up the hill to Risanäs. This is a fairly exclusive little village between Saxemara and Ekenäs. Here is a view of Busseviken (viken is the Swedish word for bay) as seen from Risanäsvägen.

At the eastern edge of this village at Risatorpsvägen, near the suburb of Bustorp, there is this sign. It means that you are now leaving a small outcrop of houses, not big enough to qualify as a town.

From here, I again cycled north on Risatorpsvägen past the circus grounds, and then home to Hjorthöjden.