Monday, December 04, 2006

Rymd Rhythms and Space Sounds

On October 22 I was fortunate enough to see Ronneby Blåsorkester in concert. I was even more fortunate because I didn't have to pay for the ticket. BTH had received some free passes, and after many mis-communications, I finally received my ticket (normally 100SEK) in my mailbox with just a couple of days to spare.
The concert had a space (rymd in Swedish) theme. Each piece had some connection to stars, planets, etc. The set list included works such as Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Space: Above and Beyond, and Mars from the Planets Suite. However in my opinion, their best piece was The Stars and Stripes Forever, a march by Sousa. The concert was at the Kulturcentrum and began at 6pm. Between each of the pieces, a visiting speaker from Kiruna Observatory would give a speech and slideshow presentation that was usually related in some way to the upcoming piece of music.
Here are the shiny banners with the kommun's star, river and moon logo on the music stands at the half-time break (paus).
During a couple of the pieces, someone dressed as Darth Vadar made a surprise walk-on appearance (cf. August concerts of years gone by).
Here you can make out a few of the orchestra's members accepting the final applause.
On the way home, I walked near Gamla Vattentornet (the old water tower) as seen in a previous entry. Here is a photo of it at night. However, I used the 'night' setting on my camera, which decided to blur things as usual. So although it looks like it is on fire, it's not. The flame-like object on the right side is in fact a street light. But still, it does look rather spooky.