Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tio Tusen Dagar

In the middle of October I had a bit of a milestone - 10000 days alive. To celebrate, the following Saturday I invited a few friends out for pizza and bowling at Rainbow Bowling, which has ten lanes. Here are some photos from the evening. I must point out that B was there too, but I don't seem to have any photos of him.
Here are U and J. Good times with J and A. U returns as M steps up to bowl.

MS and E waiting at the ball return.

A, E and J waiting for their next turn.

J and A.

MS and E.

E and Mel.

A (armed yet again with that camera) and E.

For some reason, there was this model of a crocodile/alligator next to the lane. I'm not sure what purpose it served.