Monday, November 20, 2006

Fun at Yxnarum

With my bike repaired, I was keen to get back out on the open roads around Ronneby. I studied my map and looked for a place to go. In the ESE direction, I saw a town called Yxnarum. It sounded kind of cool as I had never heard of a place beginning with those two letters before. I had also heard of a thing called the Blekingeleden. It's a cycling/hiking trail going most of Blekinge. From what I had read, there were sections of this trail between Ronneby and Yxnarum. I decided to try to follow it where I could do so. Unfortunately, there was a place on the map where the trail's location became unclear, and I took the wrong path. I remember going around a very twisted path for quite some time, until I finally found the correct trail again. Here is a view of Hamnvägen from Bofinkvägen.
Further east, this is the tunnel under the railway line at Gärestads Bygata. This is basically the edge of my map.
Here is the countryside of that area.
It was at this point, looking at the map I had drawn freehand from Google Maps, that I realised I was not going to get to Yxnarum very easily if I followed this road. I had to turn around and travel along Gärestadsvägen instead. Cycling for quite a distance, I eventually came to the turnoff for Yxnarum. This is not the best picture, but it is of a field of trees along that road, under an afternoon sun shrouded by grey clouds.

Here is a tree in another nearby field. The bird at the end of the sawn-off branch is in fact fake.
And here is the entrance sign to Yxnarum. It's not the same style as the black and white ones for Ronneby, Saxemara and Kallinge.

Yxnarum itself was a bit of a disappointment. It was really just a few houses and barns. It would have been a shame to go all that way for almost nothing, so I continued on and rode the three further kilometres to Listerby. I knew of Listerby because of the Listerby pizza place I had seen at the big roundabout on the way to Karlskrona. Here's a "you are now leaving Listerby" sign, just near the bridge over Listerbyån.

Here is a small group of Listerby cows I photographed.

And here is the Listerby church.

It was by that time beginning to get a little dark, so I cycled home using the lane on the side of highway E22 for part of the way, and then back via Gärestad. Eventually I made it back to Brunnsparken. I took this picture to show some of the lovely colours that Autumn was producing.

And finally here a few of the ducks crossing the path between the duckponds at Brunnsparken.