Saturday, November 25, 2006


There is more than that to him,
If you would care to look,
There is more than blotched asymmetries
And more than just a hook.

He tires of being an output
For other people's data,
Tired of being the only one
Who's always told, "try harder".

He stares in horror at the growing toll,
The world's become a savage place.
Is that a reason to dismiss him?
Is that the downfall of his face?

There's but one way to rescue him,
Extract him from this bolgia,
Stop seeing him in binary,
He has more things to offer.

So he fights against the darkness
And defies the status quo,
Reroutes the ancient circuits
From where they used to go.

He took the steps to rise above,
For him, a feeling that's so modern.
But yet again he is flailing,
Yet again he is failing,
Yet again he is falling,
For he is now, and will always be,
The loneliest of the downtrodden.