Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunset @ Sandvik

This next trip was probably the most memorable so far, because I was pleased with how the photos turned out. I hope you are too.
My goal location was the tiny towns/suburbs of Aspan and Sandvik, which are on the extreme southeast corner of my map. To get there, I actually had to go off the map and get back on again, if that makes sense. To get there, I took the eastern side of the Ronnebyån. Going from BTH, I rode through the suburb of Påtorp, down Fornanåsvägen to the 4-way intersection near Ronneby Hamn. I kept riding straight on, along Heabyvägen. Soon I came to the little offshoot of water from Östersjön called Angelskogsviken (skog = forest, vik = bay). This was a peaceful area with a lot of boats moored there. You can see them in this photo.

Further along Heabyvägen, I came across this big barn with this horse running laps, wearing a blue coat. You can't see it, but the weather vane on the top of the barn is actually in the shape of a horse.
Following the road as it traverses east and then back west again, I reached a fork in the road. I took the left option, and headed towards the coast. This was the Aspan area. It looked like a real holiday village. The main attraction is the bay area. Here is a view of some of the jetties.

Looking in the other direction, here is a picture of the late afternoon sun, obscured by many clouds. It was kind of eerie as the water was so calm.

Here is a close up of the sun

Now looking northwest, here is a view of the Hamn.

And here is a panorama of the whole scene. Apologies that it's the largest size Blogger allows.

As you can tell from that last photo it was starting to get dark, but I wanted to fit in a quick visit to Sandvik (Sand Bay). So I rode back to the fork in the road and followed the right path. Unfortunately, most of the water's edge appeared to be part of private properties, such as this one. You can see the nice colours of the clouds as sunset approaches in the background.

Here is the Hamn from Sandvik.

Here is the view looking approx southeast from one of the rocky jetties at Sandvik, in front of a great obscured sun and its reflection on the still water.

And another view, slightly more zoomed in and southward. There is a group of ducks in the foreground.

It was starting to get dark, so I cycled back home via the Soft Center. Here is one of the bridges near there, covered in flowers. You aren't allowed to cycle over it, but there is nothing stopping me photographing it.

I didn't know it at the time, but my bicycle had received a flat tyre on this journey. My bike was out of action for a while, which influenced my choices of location for the upcoming week or so.