Friday, November 10, 2006

Snaking Back to Snäckebacken

On the way back home, I actually had some daylight time left (thankyou to daylight saving), so I stopped at Snäckebacken. I've been trying to translate it - something like Shell Back? Please feel free to enlighten me in a comment. Anyway, basically it's this big hill in the middle of Ronneby, just south of the river.
The most prominent thing there is probably this stone tribute to Pehr Thomasson. He was a poet from Blekinge and lived from February 1818 until March 1883. The inscription says, well at least from how I'm translating it, that he was poet of country folk, and a describer of people's lives...not sure if this means he was a biographer, or he just described life in general.

Although a lot of Snäckebacken is covered in grass, there are also a lot of trees there. Being so high up, it would make a great viewing point for the town, but unfortunately all the trees get in the way, so you can't see much. Here's the best I could get.

Thinking further about this, now that most of the trees are becoming bare as we count down to winter, perhaps I could get a better view of the town now.